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§ Eye §

There was the sound of scraping and the door to the practice was thrown open.  In staggered an old proprietor carrying a Frankish crusader across his shoulder.  The Frank had one hand covering his face, the red of blood seeping through his boney fingers.  Unlike others of his kind that had been brought in here, screaming over nothing but bruises as though they had their bones broken, this one was as quiet as the desert evening.

“What is happening here?” my master spoke when he came to meet them.

“This man was in a fight, he has an injury to his eye.”

“Bring him to the bed.”

The old proprietor brought the Christian to an empty cot in the corner of one of the rooms.  With that my master thanked him for bringing the other Frank in and let him return to his shop.

The Frank remained stoic on the bed, his hands clenched tightly at the blankets.  So tightly, that his boney knuckles were turning white.  His pale face was smudged and dirty just like the clothes that he was wearing.  The red ran down from his left eye socket.  He was very homely looking in his pallid color, his one open eye and his hair were both unassuming brown.  The Frank had a rather large nose.

“What is your name?” my master asked.

“Willahelm Þeudhar”

It was an ugly name.

“You will be well taken care of here, Willahelm Þeudhar”

Soon I was taken up in my master’s hand, soon I would be working.  The first work I had been tasked to do all day and I was eager to work.  My master helpd me, poised over the bloody knot of the Frank’s face.

“Please, do not take my eye.”  The Christian begged, his voice was as flat as the ocean on a windless day.

“I must, it is completely slashed.  It will be of no use to you.”

The Frank paused, slowly deciphering what my master said, “Please… don’t take my eye…” he repeated as though he was dumb.

“But I must.”

“I need it.  I am a doctor, I need my other eye.”

My master just looked perturbed before he reached and stayed the Frank’s head with his arm.  “Please relax, this will all be over in a moment.”

Before I had a chance to do my work, the Christian started to struggle.  Other workers were called in to help hold him down as my master gently and meticulously dipped me into the other’s skin.  A quick line, more blood as I cut in.  I was joined by other steel to remove the damaged eye.  Now the Frank started wailing in pain.  The muscles were cut loose and my master pulled the eye from the other’s head.  The screaming only got louder as the shock and pain struck the Frank.

“Nurse, please dress this man and make sure he rests.”  my master commanded as he pulled away to wash the blood from his hands.  Only after he was finished did his fingers start to shake and his palms twitch.
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